Independent consultants are ideal partners for the entrepreneurs we work with. Please contact us with your skill set and project desires  so that we can pair you when the time arises.


Caritas Ventures seeks talented business professionals from several fields, but primarily in corporate strategy, business strategy, finance, IT, CRM, graphic design, and web design and development.  If you have experience working with small companies in volatile environments, we would like to speak with you.  Many of our projects can be conducted remotely and while you are working at another full-time job.  Some are pro -bono and others are paid. Please contact us with your credentials and desired type of project.

MBA Teams

How would you like to spend anywhere between a week and a semester gaining real world consulting experience while directly contributing to job creation in emerging markets? In certain circumstances, when our clients and consultants have a need, we seek to pair MBA tam with  them in order to amplify productivity.

Caritas Ventures