Caritas Ventures

Emerging Businesses

Filling the capital gap in emerging markets


Phase 1  - Company submits interest letter via website

Interest letters should include:

Business Plan
Forecast Financials attached as appendix to plan
Detailed use of funds
Detailed description of jobs created
Preferred transaction structure
Areas of expertise in which the company can use the most assistance
Description of how the company would like to work with the Caritas team over the next year
Explanation of local laws and how they affect foreign investors
Include internet sources which our team can research to further understand these laws
Include contact information of a third-party legal expert in your country with whom our team can discuss regulations that may enable our investment.

Phase 2 - Caritas team site visit

Two to three members will conduct an initial visit to the company. During this we will discuss the key drivers of the businesses and work to collectively identify sustainable competituve advantages.  We will review and ask questions about the business plan and lay out a future plan for the Company.  Visit will last two to three days.  The Caritas team will also photograph the facility and record bios of key management for posting on the Caritas website.  We will together write a story for investors on the returns available by participating in the Company.

Phase 3 - Diligence

The Caritas team will review all information and undergo a detailed review process during which we may have several follow up questions via email or telephone. The team will also work to industry experts who will assist the company on a project basis.


If you are a small business in an emerging market who is seeking capital and consultant guidance to grow, please contact us.  We seek small  equity and mezzanine debt investments of between $500,000 and $5,000,000 to emerging companies who currently have revenues of at least $3,000,000 and employ 5 to 50 full-time team members.  We particularly seek to enable projects that can reasonably be expected to:

1) Increase employment
2) Deliver an annualized return of 30-40%
3) Take advantage of natural markets which do not rely on government subsidies or regulations
4) Lead to sustainable growth both for the business and the local community

Located in a country with a stable, clearly-defined rule of law which our investors will be able understand and put faith in
Growth oriented management team who are experts at their business but who welcome outside talent and investment to formalize improve their processes and deliver products and services to a broader market.