Caritas Ventures

Caritas Ventures offers a unique opportunity for accredited investors to participate directly in job creation and poverty reduction in emerging markets.  We invest at a micro-private equity level ($500,000 - $5 million) in talented entrepreneurs who are guiding promising companies in key emerging markets. We believe that unexplored opportunity exists at the micro-private equity level in these markets for both value creation and financial returns.  We seek to partner with small businesses by providing patient capital with a current cash return along with strategic assistance and guidance toward growth.  Specifically we provide process optimization, corporate governance, CRM and IT services to complement and enhance the entrepreneur's industry expertise.  We select only markets with relatively strong property rights, rule of law and minority shareholder protection. 

Participate with other investors to join a fund which will invest in between two to five emerging market businesses. These businesses are filtered and selected by the Caritas Ventures management team as having potential to be champions of job creation in emerging markets.

Participating investors will receive quarterly reports on the financial status of their portfolio companies.  They will also receive an impact report which, among other things, contains a bio of at least one person who has been hired by one of their portfolio companies and a description of the impact the meaningful work has had on them their families and their communities. 

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