Caritas Ventures

Caritas Ventures exists to explore opportunities for adding value in emerging and frontier markets by consulting, investing in the form of micro-private equity, co-investing, and measuring the efficacy of the investments of others.  Through these channels Caritas Ventures pairs resources in the form of capital, corporate governance, IT and operations guidance with talented and successful entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their business.

Caritas Ventures seeks talented business consultants and professionals for short and long-term projects.  Fields sought include: corporate strategy, business strategy, finance, IT, and CRM, graphic design, and web development.

Our Mission

Our Outreach team is ready to go.  If you're in an emerging or frontier market and are seeking capital and a strategic partnership to grow to the next level, we'd love to talk.

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Missing Middle

Closing the capital gap in emerging markets




Internationally, Caritas Ventures is a vocal advocate for the ability of lower-middle market companies to thrive when paired with the right resources. It's the middle step between micro finance and traditional private equity - it's Micro Private Equity.